Executive Team

Shantilal Siani

Name: Mr. Shantilal Siani Birth place:¬†Nairobi, Kenya Reason I joined the committee: I have always been a person who enjoys being part of a community, sharing views and encouraging the …

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Sandeep Hirani

Name: Mr. Sandeep Hirani Birth place: London Reason I joined the committee: : I used to be part of the Madhapar Youth Association 20 years ago. I re-joined the madhapar …

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Shantaben Siani

Name: Mrs Shantaben Ramesh Siani Birth place: Madhapar, India Reason I joined the committee: I had been teaching my daughter and her friends dancing since they were 5 years old. …

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Kanji Mavji Kerai

  General Secretary Name: Mr. Kanji Mavji Kerai Birth place: Madhapar,¬†¬†(Ranko) Reason I joined the committee: Reasons I joined the KMK committee: I joined KMK as a volunteer in 1995 …

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