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Kutch Madhapar Community (UK) was founded in 1968. In its early days the annual community function were held in north London schools and few hundred people attended the event. The cost of organising these early annual events were borne  mainly by the keen members from the organising committees. The purpose of the organisation was to provide a social environment for all the people who had roots connected with Madhapar Gaam in Kutch, Gujarat, India. This organisation has come a long way since its humble beginning. Now it organises numerous events  every year. Total attendance for all these activities runs in to many thousands. It a runs hugely successful cultural dance workshop attended by many adults and children every week.

Its been running a hugely successful cultural dance workshop since 2000, which is attended by many adults and children every week. In 2009 the organisation started the Madhapar Sports and Fitness Club which runs throughout the year every Saturday. It offers variety of activities, for all age groups. It is self-sufficient and has over 2000 adults and children on its membership list. In short it has become an entity in its own right.  This site reflects our organisation and our members as they have evolved after staying outside of Madhapar for many years.

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