Tribute to ladies of Madhapar

Video 1: Siren scene & Military complex bombings

Ladies & Gents, What you are to witness resembles to what actually happened on the night of the ferocious bombing at our Bhuj Airport.  These memories go without saying for some of us who were in our village and will be etched in our minds for the rest of our lives. Let’s view the clips.

Video 2: Interview with Veluben Hirji Bhudia – of VK Patel Bazaar Navavas

I am sure that no one here would wish such a repeated bombing to occur by any aggressors in our beautiful Kutch.

After the bombing we know that our Gaam Madhapar immediately sprung to action upon the request by the Bhuj Military official’s request and gathered the hardworking team of ladies and contractors to reinstate our Bhuj runway. Let us listen to the experience of once such brave and dedicated individual volunteer amongst many no doubt toiling in the heat of our Kutch climate.

Video 3: Patriotic song Ai mere Waatan ki logo and images of all ladies.

We have an understanding that there are approximately 66 surviving ladies volunteers in our world today, living in many different countries.

I am sure everyone one of these ladies deserved to be recognised and remembered as their experience should be passed on to our children and grandchildren so that they too can remember what their parent/grandparent had gone through.

All I ask of you now to commemorate and remember them by joining hands with KMKUK and pay our tribute to the courageous ladies of Madhapar 40 years on.  Please appreciate what they have done for our Bhuj Airport.

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