Manjulaben Khokhani

Name: Mrs Manjulaben Khokhani

Birth place: Madhapar

Reason I joined the committee: I used to go to the entire event organised by KMK as my husband was in the committee, then slowly started attending the monthly meetings with him.  In 2001 I joined the KMK committee as an Advisor and started organising health and education events, the same year KMK started a dance workshop and become a part of that sub-committee.  Then in 2011 I become a Team Leader of the KMK dance workshop. It gives me great satisfaction serving the community and helping the young and older generation to boost their confident and bringing out their hidden talents.

Education: I studied at a primary and secondary school in  Manchester. Later I decided to retake my GCSE's in Maths, English and IT. I also go on regular training course from work on Customer Care Skills, First AID and Health and Safety.

Work:I started working as Sale Assistant in 1979.  I was later promoted to a telesales clerk in 1989. The last 16 years, I have been working as Receptionist/Administrator for NHS.

Interests/Hobbies: Love going on holidays around the world and site seeing. Performing Yoga, meditation and going gym to keep fit..

Unusual facts: Love going to street markets when going on holiday only.

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