Laljibhai Gorasia

Lalji Shamji Gorasia

Name: Mr. Lalji Shamji Gorasia

Birth place: Madhapar

Reason I joined the committee: I believe that every individual has an obligation to contribute to their community in whatever way, big or small, they are able to. I have been fortunate to have done this for over 48 years. From 1968 to the present day I volunteered for several community organisations and specifically in Kutch Madhapar Karyalaya (UK) Committee firstly as an assistant treasurer (3 years), Assistant Secretary (6 years), General Secretary (5 years), President (11 years) and for the past 6 years I've been a Trustee. Volunteering has been a very rewarding and extremely enjoyable part of my life and why I still continue to serve Kutch Madhapar Karyalaya through my retirement years.

Education: I studied at Alfred High School in Bhuj, India and successfully passed the Gujarat Secondary School Certificate Examination Board exams.

Work: My first job was working at the Government of India Office in Bhuj. I then moved to England and have worked at Philips Electronics as a tester, Assembly Supervisor/Manager at Scantronic Alarms, a Team Leader at Tesco supermarket and have now retired.

Interests/Hobbies: I like reading, and doing exercising like Yoga.

Unusual facts: I have celebrated Diwali at the Houses of Parliament and met the comedian/entertainer Bob Monkhouse!

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