Shantaben Siani

Name: Mrs Shantaben Ramesh Siani

Birth place: Madhapar, India

Reason I joined the committee: I had been teaching my daughter and her friends dancing since they were 5 years old. In 2001 KMK started a dance workshop which I become a part of. Then joined the KMK Committee were I introduced new events such as the Mehfil night, themed dinner and dances and the Indian bazaar. I am a very much a social person and take great pride in organising events and giving back to the community.

Education: I studied at Saraswati Vidyalaya School in Madhapar. After coming to London I studied at Girls Secondary school where I completed my O’levels

Work: My first job was as till operator at large grocery and spirit store. I then joined a family run independent pharmacy as a healthcare assistant and dispenser. Looking for a new challenges I then began working at SK pharmacy. I am now retired and now giving time to my family and the community.

Interests/Hobbies: I enjoy shopping, cooking, yoga as well as organising community and family events.

Unusual facts: I once took part in a picket line to support workers rights, whilst being heavily pregnant and carrying my one and half year old daughter in my arms.

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