Vishram Parbat Halai

Name: Mr. Vishram Parbat Halai

Birth place: Madhapar

Reason I joined the committee: 30 years ago, I joined KMK as an Advisor in the educationĀ  sub-committee. Since then I have held various committee positions . I mainly joined KMK so I get to know various people from the gaam and do some seva. It was also where my children were able to interact with other Madhaparian youths and learn the customs and cultures of Hinduism and the Kanbi community.

Education: I have studied BSc in Electronic design & analysis at Middlesex Polytec andĀ  MSc in Digital systems & instrumentation at Central London Polytec.

Work: I joined BT international as trainee transmission engineer, then moved within BT to various groups such as Design and Testing of Analogue and Digital Network Systems

Interests/Hobbies: I like reading technical and scientific journals, watching spy movies, Bollywood movies and travelling to different places and countries.

Unusual facts: It is simpler and straight forward to park my car straight in my driveway but my preference most of the time is to park it in reverse.

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