Rajesh Madha


Name: Mr. Rajesh Madha

Birth place: London

Reason I joined the committee: I am member of the Madhapar Sports Committee and have decided to join the Madhapar committee because my daughters enjoy the workshop and I wanted to give something back to the community.

Education: BSc (Hon) Accountancy & Business Finance Specialist and a qualified Charted Management Accountant

Work: I am working as an independent contractor in the Finance Systems industry and have been involved in multiple transformation projects. I started my career as a Management Accountant and once I qualified in 2002 I moved into helping design and develop finance systems for large corporations using my finance background.

Interests/Hobbies: I enjoy playing sports in particular badminton, football and running. Also like helping youngsters improve in sports.

Unusual facts: My wedding took place in Madhapar and I arrived at my ceremony on an elephant.

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Kanta H. Hirani


Name: Mrs. Kanta H. Hirani

Birth place: Nairobi

Reason I joined the committee: I was an active member in the Madhapar Youth Association over 22 years ago but stopped due to family commitment. I re-joined when my daughter was eight years old as I wanted her to feel involved within the community and to understand our culture. I continued with this as I noticed my daughter was also making great friends. I then joined the KMK Dance workshop team in 2009 and then become an Advisor in the Executive Committee.  I have learnt valuable lessons and made amazing friends during this journey.  I find enjoyment in doing seva for the community and aim to continue with this.

Education: Degree in Early Childhood Studies at Middlesex University.

Work: Used to work in the travel and tourism industry since leaving college but then went into childcare in 2005.  Currently I run my own business Little Pebbles Nurseries.

Interests/Hobbies: I like watch movies with popcorn at home with the family. I enjoy watching factual television and current affairs.

Unusual facts: I am way to soft with my children and almost always give in to them.

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Vishram Parbat Halai


Name: Mr. Vishram Parbat Halai

Birth place: Madhapar

Reason I joined the committee: 30 years ago, I joined KMK as an Advisor in the education  sub-committee. Since then I have held various committee positions . I mainly joined KMK so I get to know various people from the gaam and do some seva. It was also where my children were able to interact with other Madhaparian youths and learn the customs and cultures of Hinduism and the Kanbi community.

Education: I have studied BSc in Electronic design & analysis at Middlesex Polytec and  MSc in Digital systems & instrumentation at Central London Polytec.

Work: I joined BT international as trainee transmission engineer, then moved within BT to various groups such as Design and Testing of Analogue and Digital Network Systems

Interests/Hobbies: I like reading technical and scientific journals, watching spy movies, Bollywood movies and travelling to different places and countries.

Unusual facts: It is simpler and straight forward to park my car straight in my driveway but my preference most of the time is to park it in reverse.

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