Arvind Devshi Patel

Name: Mr. Arvind Devshi Patel

Birth place: Madhapar

Reason I joined the committee: I helped out the Membership desk when KMK first introduced annual membership in 1991. A year later, I joined the Committee as an advisor and a year after that I became KMK Treasurer.  Currently, I am a Trustee. I am very proud of our community in the UK. Joining KMK has given me an opportunity to give something back to the community I come from.

Education: Chartered Certified Accountant

Work: I have worked in an accountancy practice for over 30 years..

Interests/Hobbies: I enjoy watching sports on TV. I also like horror movies.

Unusual facts: I was once a Treasurer of SKLPC. At the same time, I was also a Treasurer of its biggest affiliated Gaam – Madhapar.

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