Kanta H. Hirani

Name: Mrs. Kanta H. Hirani

Birth place: Nairobi

Reason I joined the committee: I was an active member in the Madhapar Youth Association over 22 years ago but stopped due to family commitment. I re-joined when my daughter was eight years old as I wanted her to feel involved within the community and to understand our culture. I continued with this as I noticed my daughter was also making great friends. I then joined the KMK Dance workshop team in 2009 and then become an Advisor in the Executive Committee.  I have learnt valuable lessons and made amazing friends during this journey.  I find enjoyment in doing seva for the community and aim to continue with this.

Education: Degree in Early Childhood Studies at Middlesex University.

Work: Used to work in the travel and tourism industry since leaving college but then went into childcare in 2005.  Currently I run my own business Little Pebbles Nurseries.

Interests/Hobbies: I like watch movies with popcorn at home with the family. I enjoy watching factual television and current affairs.

Unusual facts: I am way to soft with my children and almost always give in to them.

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