Membership Fee and Conditions

  • Only those who have origins in Madhapar or whose spouse is from Madhapar may apply for membership.
  • Duration of membership: 1st September to 31st August
  • Both parents must be members if children under 18 are included in the form (unless single parent).
  • Children included in the form reaching age of 18 on 1st September will be treated as adults and will have to pay membership fees.
  • Membership Fee per adult aged 18 or over : £15.00 if renewed yearly or £12.50 per year, if applying for 3 or 5 year membership
  • Fee is fixed for the duration of the membership.
  • Cheques payable to Kutch Madhapar Community (U.K.). (Please do not send cash in the post) Write your name and address on back of the chequePayment by Bank Transfer   •  You may now pay your membership fee by Bank Transfer. For banking details contact : info@madhapar.uk      Bank BGC Reference No:       MEM-XXX-YYY-Post Code   (See below how to calculate Bank Reference Number)
    1. is First 3 letters of your Surname,
    2. is First 3 letters of your First Name  (First name on Membership Form)
    3. Post Code is your Post CodeExample: if your name is Ramji Kanji Patel, and Post code is NW10 8PU, Then your Bank BGC  Number will be MEM-PAT-RAM-NW10 8PU
  • Membership is Non-transferable to any other name  and is non-refundableAdditional Information
  • Existing member's membership expiring on 31st August of the current year will be eligible to renew their membership by 30th June of the following year.
  • Two renewal reminders will be sent to all members whose membership has expired on 31st August.
  • Those who are already members can add their children who reach the age of 18 or same member of the family living at the same address.
  • Those who are already members and get married then his or her spouse will be eligible to become a member Mailing Information
  • In future those members who have selected preferred communication by Email, will receive all communications by Email only.
  • Annual function or any other passes will be sent by Post

For further information email - info@madhapar.uk

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