Daksha Dilip Modha

Assistant Secretary

Name: Mrs. Daksha Modha

Birth place: Nairobi

Reason I joined the committee: I have been an active participant of KMK Workshop for over 10 years. I joined KMK as a volunteer and then two years ago I joined the committee as an Advisor. It gives me great satisfaction to help our gaam as well as our Kanbi community, and encourage our younger generation to hold onto their roots , culture and tradition. I am very proud to be in the KMK Committee.

Education: Primary and secondary education in Nairobi. I Studied at Eastman Dental Hospital and qualified as a Dental hygienist in 1989

Work: I started working as a Dental hygienist from 1989. At present I am working in three dental practices, in the Harrow area.

Interests/Hobbies: My passion is travelling and trekking. I also love dancing and performing on stage. I like watching documentaries, English and Hindi movies as well as music from the same genre, Yoga and Personal training.

Unusual facts: I have been very lucky to have trekked around Kailash Mansarovar and Peru. I am addicted to masala chai, you will always find masala tea bags in my handbag.

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